Atropos - The Bane Elemental - Guides and Tips

I am a fan of a player who uses Atropos as his/her heroin the game. With the ability to own the game, controlling the phase of the game, with the use of this Inttype Hero Atropos.

In this post I will post some of tips and guides you can use in playing atropos. Actually this guide is what I see and observed to a good Dota player.

Atropos - credits to Mrscrake

Atropos playing technique:

This hero is a very skilled support and ganker type. Atropos has the ability to own lane against opponent. It can be a harassing hero or it can make hero to be disable by using a spell nightmare.

Atropos Skill Build:

Brain Sap - Nightmare - Brain Sap - Stats - Brain Sap - Fiend's Grip
Brain Sap - Nightmare - Enfeeble - Stats - Fiend's Grip - Enfeeble - Stats

Atropos quick guide and Inventories:

If you're going mid, you can rip the farming of mid lane hero And if you're going any side lane, you can do it to two heroes XD
[Atropos is a hero which can act as Rambo from start. Hone your skills to get a better grip of this elemental hero]

The hero's cast animation for hitting creeps or heroes is perfectly timed and can be skillfully mastered for last hits / denies.

Complete Mana boots so that you can Use sap frequently or you can keep a Bottle[600 gold] with you and utilize all runes.

Further inventories - Necronomicon , Dagger / Forcestaff , Sceptre , Scythe , Shivas [Well items depend as per game and opp. heroes] So, Just focus on supporting, harassing and Ganking .

Few tips on using the Hero :

1. Be Ultra Offensive [Note: not if you haven't mastered it yet]
2. You can use Nightmare to Give damage to opp. hero in start games.
3. Nightmare can come handy when it comes to running away or giving time for allies to group up for a kill.
4. If you're low on mana, Do Fiend's Grip first . This helps in recovering mana so that you can sap and get the kill.
5. Nightmare works in Insane way if you can time it. If used on self or allies, nightmare state stops enemy from hitting you and if they do, they go to nightmare.
6. Nightmare can be used to dodge spell damages and other high damage powers by using Timed Sleep. [Need Absolute perfection]
7. Always enfeeble carry opp. heroes in fights from start and put it on again after CD.
8. Don't loose Fiend's grip to sap and KS [But do it, if you're alone or sure of what you're doing]

-- When you sleep someone or self, the hero being nightmared goes into state of invulnerabilty for the very instant moment the Nightmare has been put on him. This can be an ultimate Method to dodge and help allies from Enemies.
Source [IncGOd]

EG Europe - Alliance The International 2013 Champion

Team Alliance (Sweden) Washington takes the title and crown to be the Champion of the International 2013 Dota 2 championship, The best of 5 of the 2 best teams compete and watched by the Dota netizen from around the world. Alliance defeated Natus Vincere (Ukraine).

Dota 2 Attracted a million viewers when the championship started. Congratulates EG Europe - Alliance taking a $1,437,204 grand price.

Check out The International 2013 Prize Distribution:
2nd Place: Na'Vi of Ukraine - $632,370
3rd Place: Orange of Malaysia - $287,441
4th Place: TongFu of China - $201,208
5th / 6th Place: Invictus Gaming of China - $114,976
5th / 6th Place: DK of China - $114,976
7th / 8th Place: Team Liquid of the United States of America - $43,116
7th / 8th Place: Fnatic of the European Union - $43,116

EG Europe - Alliance is:
Gustav Magnusson - s4
Henrik Ahnberg - AdmiralBulldog
Jonathan Berg - Loda
Joakim Akterhall - Akke
Jerry Lundqvist - EGM

Dota 2 Championships 2013 Live Coverage, Replays and Schedule

Watch Dota 2, 2013 The International Tournament live, Free live stream Dota 2 Championships 2013.

Dota 2 Championships 2013
Dota 2 Championships 2013 
The International Dota 2, 2013 starts today August 7-11 from seattle washington, Over $2.6 million in prizes at stake. Fifteen of the tournament's 16 teams were invited a month in advance but the final slot was won in a qualifier immediately before the tournament began.

Live Stream Courtesy of
Dota 2 International Tournament Schedule

Wednesday, August 7th

  1. Main Event Day One Matches 12 PM to ~9 PM-11 PM
  2. Na'Vi vs Orange - (UB Round 1A) Bo3
  3. TongFu vs Fnatic ~ (UB Round 1B) Bo3
  4. Team Dignitas vs RattleSnake ~ (LB Round 1A)
  5. vs Mouz ~ (LB Round 1B)
  6. Winner LB Round 1A v Loser UB Round 1B
  7. Winner LB Round 2A v Loser UB Round 2B
  8. All - Star Match - End of Day

Thursday, August 8th

  1. Main Event Day Two - 12 PM to ~9PM-11PM
  2. Alliance vs LGD - (UB Round 1C) Bo3
  3. DK vs IG - (UB Round 1D) Bo3
  4. Team Liquid vs iNv.MUFC - (LB Round 1C)
  5. Zenith vs VP- (LB Round 1D)
  6. Winner LB Round 1C v Loser UB Round 1C
  7. Winner LB Round 1D v Loser UB Round 1D
  8. Solo Championship Grand Finals - End of Day

Friday, August 9th

  1. Main Event Day Three - 12 PM to ~9PM-11PM
  2. Winner UB Round 1C v Winner UB Round 1D (Bo3)
  3. Winner UB Round 1A v Winner UB Round 1B (Bo3)
  4. Winner LB Round 2A v Winner LB Round 2B
  5. Winner LB Round 2C v Winner LB Round 2D
  6. Winner LB Round 3A v Loser UB Round 2B
  7. Winner LB Round 3B v Loser LB Round 2A

Saturday, August 10th

  1. Main Event Day Three - 12 PM to ~7PM-11PM
  2. Winner LB Round 3A v Loser UB Round 2B
  3. Winner LB Round 3B v Loser UB Round 2A
  4. Winner UB Round 2A v Winner UB Round 2B
  5. Winner LB Round 4A v Winner LB Round 4B
  6. Free to Play Advanced Screening - End of Day

Sunday, August 11th

  1. Main Event Day Three - 12 PM to ~6PM-9PM
  2. Winner LB Round 5A v Loser UB Round 3A
  3. Winner UB Round 3A v Loser UB Round 6A (Grand Finals)

Venomancer - How to keep Venomancer alive after casting all spells ??

After searching some of DotA hero Photos I saw this question on a forum Questioning: How to keep Venomancer alive after casting all spells..??

I know that you already experience this one. When Veno jumps in the middle of a team and cast ulti's and spell, He has no hard CC to stop them smashin: him and the damage is over time. He is just really tough to keep him alive. Not other any heroes have their ways to survive like

  • Earthshaker. He jumps in, with burst damage but also stuns everyone around him, giving him instant damage and time to get away.
  • Sandking. He has damage over time like Veno, but has burrowstrike and sandstorm to help him survive and dodge any retaliation.
  • Tidehunter. His ult stuns people, he's pretty tanky and can anchor smash to reduce damage dealt by the enemy, giving him an opportunity to get out or just keep swinging in the thick of things.
I'm not a pro player but I know some of you guys know how. How do you guys keep from suiciding Venomancer every teamfight???