Dota 6.77c ai 1.4b map Download (updated)

Dota 6.77c ai 1.4b map

Hi there imba gamers there is an update in the  last release of the dota 6.77c map (official).  Now dota 6.77c 1.4b codename "doomsday"  is available to download.


  • Ai can built their different items.( not the usual items bulid)
  • Winter Wyvern and Arc Warden AI and huge of number of fixes
  • New courier system.
dota 6.77c ai map 1.4bDownload link: 

More DotA 6.77c AI Features:

  • Ported to IceFrog's DotA 6.77c
  • AI owned private courier system.
  • Improved AI item builds for heroes
  • Cool Names mode, list updated [-CL mode]
  • Many Bug fixes including 1vs1 bug.
  • AI can use Sentry Wards in lane to counter invisibility.

Thanking PBMN and ciel for updating this new ai map.