Alleria - Windrunner best support Dota guide

alleria gudie

In the valleys of Winterspring, deep within the verdant glades of the Forest of Trees, an elf with the power of the wind makes her home. She joined the Sentinel as a free agent shortly after the War of the Magi. Favored by the Goddess of Wind, Alleria received many blessings. Her arrows fly straight and true, piercing all enemies in a line. She can lace her arrow with wind and bind enemies together by creating ethereal shackles. Her footsteps are hastened by the currents of air. It is known that she can dispatch enemies at blinding speed by releasing a flurry of arrows. She is indeed a worthy enemy of the Scourge.

Strength - 15 + 2.5
Agility - 17 + 1.4
Intelligence - 22 + 2.6

Attack Range is 600
Movement speed is 295

Starting stats:
-Health: 435
-Mana: 286
-Damage: 44-56
-Armor: 1.4
-Attack Speed: 1.37 (+17%)

About stats: As you can see, her MS is below normal (300), but with Windrunner, her MS is huge. She has a nice strength gain for an intelligence hero, decent intelligence gain, and retarded low agility gain. Her base damage is good and she has 600 range, which should be used well.

-She is a good ganker early and late game
-Perfect chaser
-Good harasser
-Has nice lane control, even in a 1v2 situation
-Has a strong escape skill that can be used to avoid all physical attacks (not including spells that deal physical damage)
-Has long disable

-Her disable is hard to aim
-Early game nukers own her
-Item dependent (in late game)
-Her ultimate reduces her own damage, but that can be easily fixed.

To make this guide short I will not put the skill description I know that you already know all of them. Just want to show what I do first in skill build.

Skill Build:

lvl 1-Windrunner / Shackleshot
lvl 2-Powershot
lvl 3-Powershot
lvl 4-Shackleshot / Windrunner
lvl 5-Powershot
lvl 6-Shackleshot
lvl 7-Powershot
lvl 8-Shackleshot
lvl 9-Shackleshot
lvl 10-Focus Fire
lvl 11-Focus Fire
lvl 12-14-Windrunner
lvl 15-Stats
lvl 16-Focus Fire
lvl 17-25-Stats

Startin Items"

Magic Stick, With 3 branches, 6 tangos. and mana potion. I tink this will be the best first item you should buy.

Core items will be:

Power threads, Orchid and Guinsoo. Or This build is for people who prefer Deso as first item over Orchid or Guinsoo and it works fine. Get want first for regen and stats than Power Treads (str) so you have same hp as if you would have with bracers + good MS + more attack speed after it Deso which is best DPS item for Alleria and is very effective if you get it in time all have less then 10 armor and next item can be Orchid or Guinsoo just as items down there in after core.

How to use a Shackleshot:

Shackleshot is one of best disables in game just as one of hardest disables to aim.It deals no DMG but can get 2 enemies to be stunned for 3.75 sec witch is long stun.There is some items that might help you to aim it (dagger-Lothars) but when you practice it enoght you will not need these items to aim it.
There are diffrent kinds of Shackleshot:Creep-Hero, Hero-Creep, Hero-Tree, Hero-Hero, Moving Shackleshot.
And this is max casting range of Shackleshot:

Using Windrunner:
Windrunner is one powerful defencive and offencive skill most of people say it is just defencive skill but no it is not now i will explane how:

Defencive Windrunner:

Defencive Windrunner can be splited in Defencive while offencive Windrunner, Fleeing Windrunner and Ally saving windrunner and Avoid Windrunner.

Def while offen Windrunner:
This kind of Windrunner is used in battles while DPSes attack you.Cast it you will have 100% evasion for 5 sec while you attack.

Fleeing Windrunner:
This one is simple just cast Windrunner and run away...

Ally saving Windrunner:
When your ally start's running away use Windrunner and get close to enemy that is chasing your ally this will instantly drop enemies MS and maybe he will have low hp that you can kill him.

Avoid Windrunner:
Every aiming spell can be Dodged and if you have higher MS there is more chance you will dodge and aiming spells are:
-Elune's Arrow-one of easiest to avoid with Windrunner due to it's low speed.
-Hook (pudge)-little harder but avoidable.
-Hook (clockwerk)-if he attack you with this no chance to avoid but if he use this to chase you when you are out of him range of sight use Windrunner he might think you go normal speed and miss him chasing hook.
-Missle (clockwerk) just same as Hook.
-Axe BM-One of easiest if not easiest to avoid just Windrunner and go back.
-Dragon Slave-not so hard to avoid if you see Lina rise her hands in air like she is doing spell WR and run.
-LSA-When you see Lina have 1 sec casting time on attack WR and move away because she casted LSA.
-Eclipse-I know this skill isn't aim skill but it have 700 range AoE from that you can run away.
-Carrion swamp-same as dragon slave.(can't remember more aim skills at the moment)

Offencive Windrunner:

Offencive Windrunner can be splited in Chasing and Slowing Windrunner.

Chasing Windrunner:
As name says it is used to chase enemy and finish him off nothing more to say here.

Slowing Windrunner:
This one is as name says to slow it can be used in diffrent combos:
First you can slow enemy for your allyes to get him.
Secound you can use Powershot, Windrunner to slow Shackleshot and Focus Fire enemy-This combo is deadly.
Windrunner slow AoE range:

Early Game:
On the start of game you have to take lane, a lot of people prefer mid but i don't think it is best choice i would take any of side lanes.Why? Well there is more trees so more chance to Shackleshot and more place for cheasing this is what you don't have on mid.I prefer solo too Alleria with Powershot have a lot of early game power and with your 600 range you can solo without any problems.
When you come to your lane start last hitting and deny and start harassing your enemies with normal attack and use Powershot as finisher (this is for low hp heroes) but if you get str with a lot of hp from lvl 3 start harassing him with your Powershot.No much to say just care if you want enemy to take full dmg make sure your Powershot hit him first but i prefer to you with Powershot get some creep kills too, you are item dependable and need to farm.Try to look for someone to gank too but make sure you brought Teleport Scroll from shop in lane so you can fast back to your lane and save tower (you took solo lane) but before you go to gank make sure you can gank that enemy or you will loose and monay and exp.

Mid Game:
Now you should make combination of ganking and farming.When ganking you should gank with allys because you don't have enoght power to take enemy down on your own yet.Don't be one that always start and first go in fight let your allys start and you get there after Shackleshot (if possible) and try to save Powershot as finisher.
When you don't gank you should farm i prefer farm in lanes for your Orchid to lvl 14 you should have it don't roam too much because you will loose a lot of exp and money so for late game you will be underleveled and outfarmed and that's not really good for hero like you.

Late Game:
Here you are supporter/ganker you should have 2 items and here team fights starts to happen so here are your roles in team battles depending of your item build:
Orchid+Guinsoo:Disable tank or carry silence and kill caster.
Buriza+Orchid:Orchid and FF tank for max DMG on him.
Deso+Orchid:Orchid and FF tank for max DMG on him.
Euls:Wait for someone start running away than disable him and kill him (don't take if have Dagger or Guinsoo or lothars).
Dagger:Get someone with low hp when he start running or aim good SS (don't take if have Guinsoo, Lothars or Euls usually it will be enoght to set up Shackleshot).
Lothars:Same as dagger (don't take if have Dagger, Guinsoo or Euls).
MKB+Orchid:Orchid and FF someone who can channel spells (ect. Rylai, Enigma).
Guinsoo+Buriza/Deso/MKB:Disable tank and kill carry.
Shivas: when their team have about half or red hp slow them so thay can't escape.
Always remember you are not one that should start team battle because you don't have a lot of hp and you can die easy let others do it and keep distance.
Even in late game don't try to gank alone because most of times you will fail.