Zet, Arc Warden Gameplay Strategy

Zet Arc warden Guide , Strategy

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In this post you can pick what role Zet  can be used in a game, It could be a Ganker type of hero or a Pusher type.

I mostly played Zet as a support or killer but this strategy can make you win in a 5v5 game.

Zet, Arc warden as a Ganker

Ganker is the hero who ganks more often than the others. Gankers are usually equipped with high damage nukes and disables to kill of enemies quickly before reinforcements arrive. Ganker roams the map more and tries to deny the opponents of farm and gold. Zet's Flux and Spark Wraith provide a slow and a nuke respectively. This makes chasing/killing so much easier. The ganking role is recommended and proves to be better than the pusher's build. Its up to you to use whichever build u prefer. Example of other ganker's are Pudge, Vengeful Spirit, Lion, Lina and etc.

Skill build

Flux and Spark wraith are first to be maxed out, Because you are playing a ganker role you must First maxed skill spark wraith. Great used of spark wraith will be ensure a good lane for you.

Note: that you must used all the map keep on roaming others. Try to last hit all of your opponent it will be the first step for you to win.

Zet, Arc warden as a Pusher

A pusher is the hero who tends to push the lane and take towers quickly. Pushing requires either creep clearing skills, summoned units or structure damaging spells. Zet's Magnetic Field provides attack speed and evasion to heroes in the aoe. This makes pushing easier but not as easy as before the major nerf to Zet. Before 6.76 patch, Magnetic Field gives bonus attack speed and evasion to all allied units including summoned units and allied creeps. It was much easier to push then compared to now. I recommend using the Ganker build rather than the pusher build but this build is not totally rejected. the choice is up to you. Other example of heroes who take the pushing roles are Leshrac, Krobelus, Broodmother, Furion and etc.

Right now, you should concentrate on farming and pushing. Ganking isn't much of a priority to you right now. Have your laning partner stick near you since the new Magnetic Field only affects heroes and structures. To make this spell efficient, push towers with a hero and don't depend on the creeps. Try to take down the towers as soon as possible. And when you're done, don't continue pushing! Teleport to another lane and start pushing there. This should apply great pressure to your opponents team. For each tower destroyed, each person in your team gains gold. The person who last hit-ed it will gain about 500 gold. In the early stages, that amount of gold is insane. Almost equivalent to killing 2 heroes. Continue pushing till your gold pool increases.