Official Map dota 6.77 - 6.77ai Map Updates

Dota 6.77 map - Official map Dota 6.77ai updates

Update 1: 

Dota 6.77 will released before Christmas. Icefrog having a forum conversation in Playdota.

Playrough:  Icefrog, we willbe having a christmas map this year,
It will be most likely before that, Icefrog said to the other. 
Patrishosho: Will there be any new hero in dota 6.77. 
No it will be a smaller patch focused on some balanced tweaks.   Icefrog answered. 

Update 2:

Dota 6.77 is now available and ready to play. read it here

Update Ai 1:

Dota 6.76c Ai Map:

Hoping that PBMN get the new apartment And put some time to make the dota 6.77 ai map too. Hopefully it will released in this month December.
But meanwhile Dota 6.76c ai was released. Download and Read Here.

Download dota 6.77 Official Map