Warcraft Frozen Throne 1.26 patch Installation Guide

Official standalone and upgrade version file for Warcraft 1.26a Patch.

Warcraft 1.26a Patch Installation Guide

  1. Connect to the Battle.net and your patch will automatically upgraded.
  2. Download the Warcraft 1.26a Patch (Standalone patch) form Blizzard server and run the updater.
  3. Use Warcraft 1.26 Switcher to upgrade
  4. Download Warcraft 1.26a Patch from Blizzard Server

War3TFT_125b_126a_English. exe

War3TFT_126a_English. exe (Standalone Patch)

Note: If you can’t update the patch, you can use Warcraft 1.26 Switcher for easy upgrade.