Faceless Void, Strategy And Guide 2012

Faceless Void is a hard-carry. He needs to spend a long time farming, but his late game potential is among the highest in the game. His ultimate can let him score a kill or more during its duration and the nearly permanent bash is devastating. Backtracking a Laguna Blade is amazingly enjoyable. Prioritize Time Lock over Backtrack for an aggressive gameplay.


Starting Items:

Core Items: 

Luxury Items:

Situational Items:

Rejected Items:

Time walk Explanation:

Time Walk

Ability name: Time Walk
Ability type: Active
Targeting type: Point
Ability hotkey: W

Quickly moves to a target location and slows the movement and attack of all units along its path for 3 seconds.


While using Time Walk you’re invulnerable, so it means you can’t take damage nor be targeted. Also, you’ll lose your queued commands while using it. It has a very short casting time, in fact Faceless Void isn’t able to complete his animation by fully raising his hands. It’s an utility spell: it’s used to dodge spells, escape, chase, slowdown and initiate. While escaping, keep in mind that you can use it even if you’re under the effect of Ensnare or similars and to target, if possible, a place where enemy heroes can’t walk through. Unfortunately it has a high mana cost (120), so don’t spam it until you solved your mana problems.


DarkMedina, evil andrex, gwert008, Nekdolan, Phoenix7937, Wesker1, Xellos: they are Faceless Void’s guide writers. They have been, above all, one of the first sources of information, joint to my personal gaming experience.

Black Isle: he wrote a detailed guide about evasion and miss.

Deus Deorum, Eumellein, gwho, Lycan: they taught me something about writing a guide of this kind. I specially thank Lycan for his feedback.

Kwanz4, mitochy, -MLY-, STR1D3R, Zan: in their guides there are detailed exposures of some general principle of DotA I found useful.

Captain Planet, Elune, LapisLazuli, Ramodkk: their guides inspired the graphics of mine.

17ragon, ensnare, kharrisonzhong, knifeman, SeEK.eR: they pointed out to me a pair of mistakes.
-credits to playdota