(Dota 2 Model Packs) DotA 1.5 AI v1.1

DotA 1.5 AI v1.1

Dota 1.5 Ai v1.1 tools A modification pack that will transform your Warcraft Dota to look like Dota2.

Download link:

INSTRUCTION: How to make this map working correctly (important).

1. After download file "DotA 1.5 AI.rar", you extract it and you will see 2 folders: Maps and ReplaceableTextures.
2. Copy these 2 folders into wc3 directory, if you copy the right folders, you will see a dialog like this:
Choose "Yes to all"

Choose "Yes to all"
3. Download Dota 2 models pack at the attachment below
Then extract the .rar file and you will see 2 folders: Abilities and Units. Copy these folders into wc3 directory. (like step 2)
4. Make sure you have enabled Local files on wc3. If you haven't, run Enable.reg file in this folder (this step is very important).
5. Done. Now all you have to do is open wc3 and play . The map is in Maps\DotA 1.5\

* If the models won’t show up, go to Options->Video and adjust everything to High.
* To temporarily disable DotA 1.5, run Disable.reg file.

So what is the differences between these models and other edited models?

These are original models, I don't resize them . I only change the model scale value in my map to change their size and rename the animation to fit with this map.
*This models pack include:
- Antimage with glow weapon.
- Lion.
- NightStalker.
- Doom with fire sword.
- Silencer.
- Bloodseeker.
- Mirana with glow arrow.


-Update to DotA v6.74c AI v1.3b.
-Added newest item icons(4/5/2012).
-Added PhantomLancer icons.
PhantomLancer icons

-Update new Brewmaster icon.
-Added all DotA 2 creeps icons include:
+Neutral creeps.
+Enigma's Eidolon
+Furion's Treant.
+Brood's spider.
+Beastmaster's quilbeast.
- Change item icons border.
- Fixed Battle Hunger, Brilliance Aura, Frost Armor and Neutral Command Aura buff icons.
- Fixed neutral Satyr Trickster icon.
- Fixed Lycan Wolves Disable icons.
- Fixed borrowed item icons.
*DotA 2 Models:(see the attachment below)
- Fixed Bloodseeker, Silencer, Lion, NS, Doom, Mirana model animation(totally look like DotA 2).
- Fixed Lion dark color.
- Fixed Elune's Arrow and Powershot use the same model.
- Resize AM, Bloodseeker, Silencer, Doom, Mirana and glow arrow model.

-trolBoy, FosZaFel2oZ and all the model rippers