Download Dota Hotkey 2014

Looking for a new Dota Hotkey? Download it here for free.

Inventory A+ Hotkey
Inventory A+ Hotkey
Dota Hotkey is the most popular Dota tools used in Warcraft - Frozen Throne - Defense of The Ancient or most likely called Dota.

The tool helps the player to make use of inventory without using a Numpad at the right side of the Keyboard. It helps New player to play more convenient.

How to use Inventory A+?. Inventory A+ is easy to use you just have to run the program.

Here are the steps if you are having any trouble in using Inventory A+

1. Download the compress file [.zip or .rar] see download link below.
2. Extract it from your desktop
3. Double click the inventory a+ to run the program.

Play the Frozen Throne. 
Inventory A+ Hotkey (Download link).

Note: Inventory A+ is a free tool that you can use to improve your gaming experience. You are not allowed to modify/alter/share the program in any way without the written permission from . All rights are reserved to .